Découvrir la Vallée du Lot

    La vallée du Lot a tant à offrir.

Villes et attractions locales

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Sait-Cirq Lapopie

Saint-Cirq Lapopie is designated as "one of the most beautiful villages in France", perched on the cliffs overlooking the Lot it is a gorgeous medieval town.  It is a must for anyone that visits us here at Camping Ruisseau du Treil.

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Figeac is a city rich in history with a centre shaped by the Middle ages and is home to a remarkable number of merchant houses.

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Cénevières Chateau

Cénevières' chateau began as a medieval stronghold and was used in the fight against the English in the 100 years war.  Today you can visit and take in the Renaissance architecture in the furnished rooms.

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Pech Merle

Just 12 miles from the campsite.  The lower levels of the cave were discovered in 1922 by three children from the village of Cabrerets.  The cave contains authentic prehistoric art, including the amazing Spotted Horse which is over 29,000 years old.

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Train à Vapeur de Martel

Take a steam train journey from Martel medieval village to St-Denis-Lès-Martel and back again.  Ride in the open carriages  through tunnels and over viaducts for a truly unique experience.

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Be sure to visit the 14th century Valentré bridge in search of the "little devil" and Saint-Etienne Cathedral.

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The area is fantastic for walking/hiking.  From the campsite you can follow the route up into the valley to find the source of the Treil or head off over the river to the beautiful village of Calvignac.  Whatever your level or experience there is a walk for you.

Il existe également de nombreux restaurants, brocantes et marchés en plein air dans la région.

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